ABST. Garbhini Paricharya refers to antenatal care wh. Vihar (normal daily activities) and Vichara (psyc pregnant lady should start from the beginning o. uphold a complete caring plan in this regard called GARBHINI PARICHARYA. In Women’s life,. Sagrbhaavastha (pregnancy) is a special event. Systematic supervision (examination and advice) of a woman during pregnancy is called garbhini paricharya (antenatal care). Supervision.

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Dowhrudya One often comes across, varying and erratic likes and garbhiin, in a pregnant woman irrespective of the culture or the part of the World she belongs to. Use of Cold and sweet liquid diet and milk will prevent dehydration caused by vomiting and supply nourishment, besides the drugs of madhura group being anabolic will help in maintenance of proper health if mother and fetus. Aaahaara food to be avoided during pregnancy The pregnant woman should avoid use of intoxicating substances like wine, meat in excessushna hotteekshna sharp katu pungentguru and vishtambhi hard and heavy to digest foods Cha.

Desire for clay, mud and brick can be replaced by gairika red ochre fried in ghee.

Garbhini Paricharya (Regimen for the pregnant woman)

It is given in Mansanumasik Garbhini Paricharya which is mentioned in Ayurvedic Samhitathe regime for the pregnant women. We see that the regimen and diet prescribed are of the nature of controlling vaatha especially the apaana Vaayu. Third month In the third month she should take milk with honey and ghee Cha. It is the need of an hour to have healthy pregnancies in Indian population as the normal nutritional requirements in maternal periods of women in India are not getting fulfilled, so as the malnourished and birth defective children are born.

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Cooked shasti a variety of rice with curds, pleasant food, mixed with milk and butter and meat of wild animals Sus. A Follow up of such regimen starting from first month of pregnancy till the day of full term delivery.

Madhura aushad siddha ghrutha. As the foetus reaches the fifth month the chetna i. You are commenting using your WordPress. Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya Importance- Dietetic and certain other regimen advocated in Samhitas for pregnant woman are of great significance.


The sense organs which are not satisfied during pregnancy would result in some defect or abnormality physical or functional or the corresponding organ in the child Sus. Normalisation of the urine and stool and their elimination with ease Softening of her skin and nails Promotion of strength and complexion Delivery with ease of a healthy child endowed with excellent qualities in proper time.

It forms one of the panchakarmas which are the five types of eliminative therapies.

Mother and Child Care in Traditional Medicine – Garbhini Paricharya : Care Of The Pregnant Woman

International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research. Fourth Month Butter extracted from milk not from curds paircharya the quantity of one aksha approximately 10 grams or milk with the same amount of better should be given Cha.

As such she has two hrudayas one of her own and the other of the foetus. Food restrictions are also followed meticulously and to many a modern investigator these do’s and dont’s appear in-comprehensible.

Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya

This would help in the proper development of the foetus. In such cases one should use one’s “yukthi” of power of reasoning, so as to fulfill her desire and at the same time render it harmless. This is so because all other aspects depend on this garbhlni. This site uses cookies.

Lying on the back or in supine position may cause the twisting of the umblical cord around the neck of the foetus, carrying water can be tiresome work and also involves risk of slipping and falling down, which are not parifharya both for the woman and the foetus.

Abstract Ayurveda considers food to be the best source of nourishment as well as medication for the pregnant woman. Some of the garbhasthaapaka aushadhis are aindri, braahmi Bacopa monnierishathaavari Asparagus racemosusdoorva Cynodon dactylonetc.

Abstract It is the need of an hour to have healthy pregnancies in Indian population as garghini normal nutritional requirements in maternal periods of women in India are not getting fulfilled, so as the malnourished and birth defective children are born. By and large these practices are sound and are supported Aayurveda. It is said that the mental state of the mother can influence the outcome of pregnancy as well as the child to be born.


Drugs of the jeevaneeya gana can also be used in a similar way. These are healthy practices and have a rationale. These in turn may lead on to aamaja garbha sravam abortion due to aama.

Garbhini Paricharya (Regimen for the pregnant woman)

She is called a dowhrudini. A similar practice is observed in other areas also. Hence to have normal delivery it is very important that we maintain the vaatha and due to this reason we find that towards the last paricharay months of delivery, pagicharya efforts are taken to keep the vaatha in an unvitiated state. Some of these desires are very strong. The maasaanumaasika pathya help in: The paircharya of Yogaratnakara has contra indicated the use of sudation, emesis, kshaara alkalies foods along with polluted food and viruddhaahara.

This practice has been observed in Bangladesh 7 and Tamil Nadu. There are also a number of foods that are to be avoided during pregnancy. Ayurveda has given proper regimens of diet and life style in during different stages of pregnancy.

During the fourth month there is solidification and the development of the limbs. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Hence one is advised to listen to scriptures – in some families the recitation paaraayana of suitable texts such as the Sundara Kandam from the Ramaayana oaricharya the tenth skanda of Bhaagavatha is performed routinely.

Some of the practices that are followed during pregnancy have a great significance. Ghruta is ideal for improving iintelligence, memory and ingenuity, digestion, long life and eyesight. It is similar to the modern science diet to the pregnant women.